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Course Title: SharePoint 2010 FAST Search for SharePoint

What You Will Learn
In this course, as a server administrator you will learn to design, install, administer, and monitor FAST Search for SharePoint. As a search expert you will learn to explore advanced linguistics such as language and encoding detection, tokenization and character normalization, property extraction, vectorization, lemmatization, synonyms and spell checking.

Course Highlights
Learn to install, configure and maintain FAST Search for SharePoint.

Course Number

Who Should Attend
Anyone responsible for setting up, configuring, customizing, extending and maintaining FAST Search!

A base of windows server management background and search fundamentals. Familiarity with SharePoint 2010.

Course Author
Chris Givens



1.4 and 2004 Ready
Course Duration
5 Days

Course Hours
Begin @ 8:00 AM
End @ 5:00 PM

Meal Info:


2Ghz, 8GB memory, 40GB free space


On Site Pricing:

Book Cost:

Course Outline
  • Designing and Deploying FAST Search
    • Install FAST ESP For SharePoint
    • Configure FAST ESP
    • Configure Claims Authentication
    • Index Content into FAST Databases
    • Setup FAST Search Center
    • Exploring Nctrl
    • Disabling unnecessary FAST services
    • Reconfiguring FAST Services
    • Explore Log Files
    • Explore Performance Counters
    • Explore WMI
    • InfoToo.exe
  • Feeding Content
    • Utilize DocPush.exe to Feed documents
    • Utilize DocLog.exe to get pipeline information
    • Enable the Spy Stage
    • Create a custom Pipeline Extension (Console Application)
    • Create a custom Pipeline Extension (PowerShell)
    • Configure FAST Search database connector
    • Perform a crawl using the FAST Search database connector
    • Clearing the FAST Search index
  • Processing Content
    • Managing Property Extractions
    • Creating a custom Property Extractor
    • Explore optionalprocessing.xml
    • Enabling Offensive Content Filtering
    • Enable Advanced Filter Pack
    • Enable XML Format Detection
    • Enable XML Mapping
    • Create a XML Mapper Configuration File
    • Configuring StopWordThresholds
    • Configuring Managed Property Levels
    • Utilize the DocVector managed property to generate a Tag Cloud
  • Searching Content and Retrieving Results
    • Simple Searches via SharePoint Search
    • RSS and Windows Explorer Search
    • AND clause
    • ANDNOT clause
    • OR clause
    • COUNT clause
    • XRANK clause
    • NEAR clause
    • ONEAR clause
    • Wildcard query
    • Random query
    • Testing Search Result Security
    • Adding Keywords
    • Adding Best Bets
    • Adding Visual Best Bets
    • Adding Crawl Properties
    • Adding Managed Properties
    • Modifying Search Results XSLT
    • Modifying Refiners (Managed Property)
    • Modifying Refiners (Managed Metadata)
    • Managed User Profile Properties
    • Creating User Context Properties
    • Creating User Contexts
    • Implementing Site Promotions
    • Add Query Suggestion (PowerShell)
    • Modify the Summary Length in Results
    • Explore SharePoint Search Scopes
    • Create Search Scopes utilizing Extended Search Filters
    • Add Query Suggestion (PowerShell)
    • Explore SharePoint Search Scopes
    • Create Search Scopes utilizing Extended Search Filters
  • Implementing Relevance and Linguistics
    • Configuring Query time Lemmatization
    • Explore FAST Dictionaries
    • Configuring Query time Lemmatization
    • Exploring Dictionaries
    • Explore Refiners
    • Add new Refiners
    • Explore Ranking Profiles
    • Create new Ranking Profiles
    • Change default ranking profile
    • Managed Property Boosts
    • Configuring RankLog Analysis
    • Explore Current Spell checking suggestions
    • Add a Spell Check Exception
    • Reset the Spell Checking Dictionary
    • Create a Site Promotion
    • Create a Site Demotion
    • Create a Document Promotion
    • Create a Document Demotion
    • Character Normalization
    • Antiphrasing
    • Synonyms
    • Configure FAST Tokenization (Word Breaker)
    • Enable substring tokenization
    • Configure substring and linguistic tokenization properties

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