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Course Title: SharePoint 2010 Advanced Foundation Development

What You Will Learn
This course focuses on SharePoint Foundation 2010 fundamental building blocks such as features, application pages, site pages, Web Parts, custom list types, site columns, content types, custom workflows and site definitions. Other advanced topics include extending the Ribbon and writing custom Service Applications.

Course Highlights
Lean to extend many of the core features that SharePoint Foundation provides. These include event handlers, site definitions, features, solutions and web parts!

Who Should Attend
Anyone looking to develop SharePoint customizations at a core level. This includes event handlers, features, site definitions, web parts, timer jobs and workflows!

Attendees should have professional development experience with Visual Studio 2010, the .NET 3.0 Framework and ASP.NET 2.0. Attendees should also be familiar with Microsoft Office products such as Word, Excel and InfoPath.

Course Author
Chris Givens



1.4 and 2004 Ready
Course Duration
5 Days

Course Hours
Begin @ 8:00 AM
End @ 5:00 PM

Meal Info:

Dual-core 2Ghz, 8GB memory, 40GB free space


Book Cost:

Course Outline
  • Overview
    • Create one of each SharePoint Foundation site
  • Collaboration Experience
    • Understand UI Improvements
    • Use the Create Page
    • Explore the Ribbon
  • Object Model
    • Create applications using the Server Object Model
    • Create in-context ASP.NET Web Application
    • Create out of context Windows Application
    • Learn to Debug SharePoint via Log Files
    • Learn to Debug Via Visual Studio
    • Log to the SharePoint log File
    • Enable Developer Dashboard
    • Adding Application Pages (Bin and Gac deployment) [_layouts]
    • Adding Site Pages [content database]
  • Client Object Model
    • Explore Client Object Model
    • Utilize Client Object Model (.NET)
    • JavaScript Object Model
    • Utilize Silverlight Object Model
  • SharePoint Permissions
    • Add Users Programmatically
    • Add Groups Programmatically
    • Create Permissions Levels programmatically
    • Set inheritance programmatically
    • Use the SharePoint SPSecurityTrimmedControl to hide content and controls
    • Write code to elevate privileges
  • Authentication with Custom and Claims
    • Change the default Authentication Method of SharePoint to use a custom MembershipProvider
    • Programming with Claims
    • Creating custom claims provider
    • Learn how to Configure Secure Store
    • Program web parts to use Secure Store
  • Features & Solutions
    • Learn to create a Feature.xml file
    • Learn to create an Elements.xml file
    • Install features with STSADM and PowerShell
    • Create a custom action feature
    • Implement Feature Dependencies
    • Implement Feature Sequences
    • Various Feature Types (List, Module, Content Type)
    • Implement Feature Event Receivers
    • Implement Feature Stapling
    • Advanced Solution concepts
    • Create a Custom Deployment Step
  • Sandboxed Solutions
    • Explore Sandboxed Solutions
    • Create and Test Sandboxed Solutions
    • Explore Limitations of Sandbox Solutions
    • Configure Sandbox Points
    • Create and Deploy a Solution Validator
    • Create and Deploy a Full Trust Proxy
  • Web Services
    • Learn to find SharePoint Web Service
    • Add reference to SharePoint Web Service
    • Program to several of the Web Service Interfaces
  • LINQ and REST
    • Utilize REST Services
    • REST Service Reference
    • REST List Service Calls (PUT, GET)
    • REST Excel Service
    • LINQ Introduction
    • Utilize LINQ For SharePoint
    • Use SPMetal.exe
  • Web Parts
    • Learn how to create a basic web part
    • Learn how to deploy a web part manually in the development environment
    • Use Visual Studio to Create Web Parts
    • Learn how to create web parts that interface with SharePoint Object Model, Databases, and Web Services
    • Implementing Web Part Tool Parts
    • Create ASP.NET Web Part connections
    • Synchronous Vs. Asynchronous Web Parts
  • Custom Site Definitions
    • Create a new Site Definition (Manually)
    • Create a new Site Definition (Visual Studio)
  • Content Types
    • Explore Content Types
    • Create A New Content Type
    • Document Information Panels
    • Default Workflows
    • Adding Content Types To Lists (Document Library)
    • Content Type Inheritance/Lineage
    • Configure Content Type Hub
    • Configure Content Type Publishing
  • Custom Field Types
    • Create A Custom Field Type (Regular Expression)
    • Create A Custom Field Type (User Control)
  • Events and TimerJobs
    • Create an Event Handler feature
    • Programmatically assign an Event Handler
    • Create a custom Timer Job
    • Create an Event Handler feature that encrypts documents
  • Service Applications
    • Create & Deploy a Custom Service Application
  • Workflows With SharePoint Designer
    • Create a custom workflow activity for SharePoint Designer
    • Create a custom condition for SharePoint Designer
  • Workflows With VisualStudio
    • Create a custom workflow using Visual Studio
  • Business Connectivity Services
    • Explore External Content Types
    • Create a new External Content Type
    • Create an External List
    • Create a custom BCS .NET Connector
  • Extending the User Interface
    • Extend the SharePoint Ribbon
    • Utilize the UI Dialog Platform

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