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Course Title: SharePoint 2007 Governance

What You Will Learn
This course covers the ins and outs of governance in general as well as common taxonomies. You will review what a Governance plan is made up of, as well as learn how to create a training plan, SharePoint service offerings and how to follow through with enforcing the plans. We will review Information Architecture and why it is important. We will take a look at each level in SharePoint and the tools that can assist with implementing governance.

Course Highlights
Learn what SharePoint 2007 governance is and how to implement your own policies. Review common taxonomies and which one is the best for you. Learn to create SharePoint Service Offerings. Learn what type of training plan should be put into place for your employees. Discover tools to help with implementing and enforcing your Governance strategy.

Course Number

Who Should Attend
IT Executives, Business Unit Stakeholders, members of your SharePoint governance body

A strong familiarity with SharePoint 2007 features and terminology.

Course Author
Chris Givens

Powerpoint and Labs


1.4 and 2004 Ready
Course Duration
2 Days

Course Hours
Begin @ 9:00 AM
End @ 4:00 PM

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Book Cost:

Course Outline
  • Governance
    • Review A Governance Plan
    • Answer Some Tough Governance Questions
  • Taxonomy
    • Explore Content Types
    • Create A New Content Type
    • Document Information Panels
    • Default Workflows
    • Adding Content Types To Lists (Document Library)
    • Brainstorm Creating Content Types
    • Install some Taxonomy tools
  • TrainingPlans
    • Review Adoption White Paper
  • ServiceDefinitionModels
    • Create SharePoint Service Offerings
  • GettingSpecific
    • Review Governance levels
    • Install and Use SharePoint Governance Tools
    • Review Sample Code Acceptance Checklist

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